At the Crossroads - New series starts Sunday, September 18

At the Crossroads

Choosing to follow Jesus is a one-time commitment that is followed by a lifetime of moment-to-moment decisions.  God is with us every step of the way, but he always allows us to choose our will. Through it all, God’s word is always available to us-but are we willing to take the time to get it into us?

Join us beginning September 18 as we discover how people in the Bible made their decisions and the effects of those decisions.  We hope to walk away wiser, empowered to make better decisions ourselves.

Welcome to the Summer of Joy!

Finding Joy

Finding Joy in the Strangest Places

The Bible book of Philippians is actually a letter about finding joy. Interestingly enough, the author penned this letter while in prison, chained to a guard.

Although we have many things for which to be joyful, life often has a way of stealing our joy. Still, we try all kinds of ways to find joy in our lives; like accumulating wealth, acquiring possessions, taking vacations or looking for joy through other people. Yet, none of these provides lasting joy.

Join us beginning June 26 for this series as we study the book of Philippians in hopes of finding joy in the strangest places.