Overcoming Anger

So The World Will Know
Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 9:30am

Did you know that when we feel angry our brains secrete a hormone that acts as a painkiller? No wonder there is so much anger in our world. We all self-medicate. And we know that anger is a secondary emotion. Anger results from fear or hurt or from pain of rejection. Anger can make us “feel” like we’re in control even though we are clearly going out of control because of our anger. Enter into this concoction the thought of some Christians that it’s not okay to be angry and you’ve got a world that is out of control because of anger.

In this session we’ll see how God wants to manage our anger…so the world will know there is a God in Heaven.

So The World Will Know
Mike Crook
1 Samuel 17:26-31; James 1:19-20